Why do we invite you to discuss innovations in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius? For several reasons:

– In 2015 Forbes listed Vilnius among TOP5 innovation hotspots in Europe: „It may be small, but it‘s one of the most innovative and tech-savvy countries in Europe. The proof lies in its burgeoning startup community in which over $100 m has been invested in recent years“.

– Lithuania has one of the fastest internet connections in the World due to highly developed fiber broadband network.

– It is also among the leaders in biotechnology and laser technology in Europe.

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LITEXPO is the biggest conference center in Lithuania just 10 min drive from Vilnius city center. Each year up to 600 events take place here: from large-scale international conferences to round table discussions.

The fully renovated conference centre has 9 modern conference and meeting halls, occupying more than 4 100 square meters. The largest multifunctional hall, equipped with the latest innovations, has 1800 seats. Each hall has excellent acoustics, functional lighting and smart yet easy to use video and audio equipment.

LITEXPO boasts a large parking area, smoothly operating information centre, comfortable lounge spaces, a cosy terrace and a new restaurant.

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