Andrius Bičeika

Baltic Region Manager |Revolut | Lithuania

Andrius is a FinTech and business development specialist and Revolut Region manager for the Baltics, one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world. His colourful professional profile consists partly of a highly successful corporate world at Euromonitor International in Vilnius and London, with the other half of coming from his experience in various technical start-ups. After two successful years of being in charge of Revolut for Business product and business development, Andrius is now settled in Vilnius, with new goals for growth in the Baltics. After growing from 0 to almost 1 mln. customers in only two years and acquiring nearly $90 mln. of investments, Revolut has major plans on how financial technology can help overcome the challenges that businesses will be facing in the future – and Andrius is one of the few people who are turning these plans into reality.