Gintarė Marinė

Director | Metis Baltic | Lithuania

Gintare Marine is working as a managing director at Metis Baltic company which specialises in Research & Development consultancy in the areas of healthcare, life science, energy, ICT, environment, nanotechnology, and others. She is responsible for the communication with largest European Universities, smes, research organizations and assist them in creating the competitive consortiums for the grants. AT Metis Baltic Gintare and her team have initiated more then 60 applications and gained a lot of huge contacts. Metis Baltic is currently participating in three huge projects in the ECSEL JU program under Horizon 2020: “3Ccar”; “Autodrive” and “Prystine”. The projects related to electrical vehicles, autonomous driving and trucks autonomy. Each budget is around 60 mln Euros. Apart from these three auto driving related projects, Metis Baltic concentrates on e-learning platforms creation for multilingual teaching purposes and have initiated and implemented such projects as: “Open Discovery Space”; “Athena”; “Terpsichore”, “Osos.

13 October