Yuki Yonai

General Manager | TANITA Health Link | Japan

Yuki Yonai entered KONAMI Co.Ltd (currently KONAMI Holdings Co. Ltd) in 2001 as a designer and had been worked on planning and development of new products, which target Game senter, in the Amusement Development Department. Then he had been worked on making products which is integrated with game adn fitness as a director of the Exertainment Department when KONAMI started to enter the healthcare business market. He also held the following important posts;producer of the e-Fitness Department of KONAMI Sports&Life Co, Ltd. /@director of the e-amusement Director of KONAMI Digital Entertainment, Inc..
He joined TANITA Health Link, inc. as a producer in 2014, and has been working as manager/supervisory producer of Web Service Planning Department.

12 October